Infotecs foundation

Years of Expertise

Infotecs was founded in 1991 by three renowned cryptographers and is now considered an expert and reliable supplier of secure VPN solutions. When the term ‘virtual private network’ was still largely unknown, the fledgling IT security company presented a solution for securing data transmissions. Originally, Infotecs focused on products consisting purely of software modules. Now, hardware-based solutions as well as cryptographic modules for embedded systems are part of their product range.

Customizable Security Solutions

Infotecs' expertise lies in its worldwide successful development and implementation of customized security architectures. By now, more than 700,000 network nodes have been securely connected with each other by using the elaborate VPN software.
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Qualified developers

Unique Cryptographic Knowledge

The IT security company employs over 300 highly qualified developers. The encryption specialists explore scientific principles and some are active members of the ISO Technical Committee for Standardization in Cryptography.

Solution-Oriented Expertise and Innovation

One of Infotecs' most important objectives is the steady development of innovative high-security products. A milestone in the history of virtual private networks has been achieved with ViPNet technology developed by pioneers in the field, even before the introduction of IPSec and other traditional VPN protocols. Infotecs also offers cryptographic service providers for use in third-party software, centralized monitoring systems, and encryption tools for protecting stored information. At the same time, Infotecs is developing security solutions, which are suitable for specific tasks in certain application areas, such as manufacturing or medicine. In order to ensure that the products meet the requirements of the rapidly growing IT market, Infotecs is heavily investing in expanding its Research and Development departments internationally.
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Growing Company

Currently, Infotecs employs over 600 people. The IT security company values individual development of its employees and offers international career opportunities. Shared success and personal cooperation are the growing company's primary objectives. Infotecs has locations in Berlin, Moscow and New York, and a network of distribution partners around the world. Successful communication between sales partners, customers, and Infotecs is the driving force for continuous improvement in order to generate maximum benefits for the users.
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