Mejores prácticas, soluciones ViPNet y casos de éxitos presentados por Infotecs Americas en InfoSec World 2014

24 de Abril de 2014 - Infotecs Americas, proveedor internacional de soluciones para la ciberseguridad, presentó su Tecnología innovadora ViPNet y las mejores prácticas para la seguridad de los datos empresariales en InfoSec World Conference & Expo en Orlando, FL, el 7 y 8 de Abril.

Evolving technology like social, mobile and internet of things make corporate data security a challenge. With innovative ViPNet solutions from Infotecs, any organization can protect sensitive information, either personal or business. ViPNet is a brand for powerful data protection products. ViPNet products are especially designed for easy implementation into a pre-existing IT infrastructure. They do not interfere with common network services (firewalls, DHCP, WINS, DNS, NAT, PAT, VoIP, live video).

“Corporate data protection becomes a critical aspect for many businesses today,” Andrey Chapchaev, CEO at Infotecs, says. “ViPNet VPN supports widely distributed network infrastructure with flexible access policies. Even large networks with thousands of hosts and complex user access rights are easy to maintain and manage with the ViPNet VPN management tools.”

The Infotecs Americas’ team also provided a demonstration of their ViPNet technology that aroused a strong interest among the visitors. More than 150 security professionals visited Infotecs Americas' booth and learned more about a new kind of VPN solution. Infotecs Americas took part at the InfoSec World exhibition as a silver sponsor.

InfoSec World put together a dynamic program that covered the most relevant issues security professionals are facing. The event featured over 60 sessions, dozens of case studies, 8 tracks (including a Hands-On Track), 11 in-depth workshops, 3 co-located summits and an exhibit hall showcasing the industry's leading vendors. Over 1,200 security professionals attended at the InfoSec World 2014.


Photoreport about the event.

About InfoSec World

The InfoSec World Expo brings together the latest advances in technology and the most innovative solutions businesses needs to secure their information assets. Specialized workshops and discussion platforms are aimed to provide the professionals and attendees with actual information on IT, Security and management. For more information about InfoSec World, visit: www.infosec-world.com.

About Infotecs Americas

Infotecs Americas Inc. specializes in software and hardware VPN solutions for information protection on TCP/IP networks. For more than 20 years ViPNet technology, developed by Infotecs has established itself in the market and has become a standard certified protection of confidential information. For more information about Infotecs, visit: www.vipnet.com.


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