Infotecs presentó sus soluciones para comunicaciones seguras desde cualquier equipo en Mobile World Congress, garantizando movilidad corporativa segura, soluciones para IoT e Industria 4.0.

Berlin, March 1, 2016 – Last week (22.-25.02.2016), Infotecs a leading international security software and solutions provider showcased its ability to deliver secure communication from any device across the extended enterprise at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain.

This year’s MWC event "Mobile is everything", addressed topics as diverse as Enterprise Mobility, Virtual Reality, Internet of Things (IoT), Connected Cars, Smart Cities, Industry 4.0, and attracted over 101,000 visitors from 204 countries. It was not solely the latest smartphones, tablets, or wearables which attracted the most attention, but the fact the mobility covers everything and is a significant enabler of the digital enterprise of the future. Infotecs is leading the way in putting this approach to work for clients through its Cyber Security platform encompassing Mobile, Cloud, Network, IoT and Industrial Security.

Infotecs presented its groundbreaking ViPNet Mobile Security solution which provides complete enterprise grade security for mobile without compromising on usability or performance in one flexible, scalable, cost-effective solution. It delivers continuous connectivity, true mobility and portability that work with multiple devices such as smartphones or tablets encrypting voice, video, email, chat and file exchange traffic on the move and on the device. Moreover, the ViPNet Mobile Security solution can encrypt point-to-point IP telephony connections – a feature, which goes far beyond other offerings on the market. Furthermore, it enables secure voice and fast and efficient secure document exchange. The solution is scalable and suitable for companies of any size, who value maximum security of their mobile communications.

"The explosive growth in mobile computing means that an ever increasing variety of devices are being used to access sensitive corporate data and transact business across the extended enterprise", says Sergej Torgow, COO at Infotecs GmbH. "Cyber criminals can easily access vulnerable mobile devices and unprotected communication channels and put the entire enterprise at risk. Our solution offers maximum security, supports stable roaming, fast processing speeds and high throughput while, minimizing disruptions and eliminating data loss. We enable always on, continuously secure connectivity – even when the network changes, e.g. from 4G/LTE connection to a WLAN access point in a hotel the reconnection is seamless."

Infotecs, attended as part of the Berlin Partner for Business team which identifies and helps to promote innovative technology companies from the German capital region of Berlin-Brandenburg.

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MWC 2016: Crowd in the entrance hall of Mobile World Congress
MWC 2016: Promotion girls at the Infotecs stand
MWC 2016: Josef Waclaw speaks with interested customers
MWC 2016: Jörg Wiedecke explains the functionality of ViPNet Client for Android
MWC 2016: Interested customer at the Infotecs stand
MWC 2016: Impression of the exhibition
MWC 2016: Product Manager Jörg Wiedecke at the Infotecs stand